How to Hang Floating Frames with Style

floating frames
Do you want to elevate your artwork, raise its value and take it to new heights – literally? Floating frames are a chic and modern picture framing option perfect for the home, office, art gallery or anywhere else you want your art displayed in style. While traditional picture frames overlap with the edges of your masterpiece, floating frames sit delicately […]
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8 Unique Picture Framing Approaches that Hook You on the Look

picture framing
Want an original approach to framing your pictures? Here are eight creative, inexpensive approaches to livening up your living space. A good-looking picture frame never goes out of style. There are always benefits to elegant, professional-quality picture framing: sprucing up your living space, protecting your artwork, providing a focal point in the room and raising the resale value of your […]
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How Beautiful Commercial Art Framing Raises Your Sales

commercial art framing
Commercial art is the intersection where cash and creativity meet. Yet the phrase has more than one definition. This blog is all about the different kinds of commercial art and how high-quality commercial art framing is good for them all. “Commercial” is a broad term that means engaged in trading and / or business. In the art world it can […]
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Why You Should Frame Your Blank Canvases

blank canvases
For an artist, a blank canvas represents unlimited freedom and possibilities. When you mark one with your first brushstroke, it’s the start of a long journey to bring your vision to life. All great works of art begin with blank canvases, and a simple white canvas can provide many fulfilling nights in your workshop or studio. While unframed canvases can […]
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Why You Need Professional Art Hanging Services

art hanging services
You’ve found the perfect work of art – or several – for your home or workplace. Surely hanging it on the wall is a simple task? While it’s true that it doesn’t take any special training just to fix an artwork to the wall, doing it the wrong way can damage the condition of your art either quickly or gradually. […]
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The Different Types of Framing Services We Offer

framing services
There’s more than one way to frame a picture, and things besides pictures that look good in frames. From one-of-a-kind works of art to found objects to memorabilia and souvenirs, Mobile Frames 2 U’s framing services encompass unlimited variety and diversity. We understand wanting to preserve priceless artworks and artifacts in a way that complements their uniqueness. That’s why we […]
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How Jersey Framing Preserves Your Sports Souvenirs

jersey framing
Why Jersey framing? The memory of an evening at the footy or cricket can last forever, and so can the jersey you take home with you. Whether you have a jersey signed by a top-performing team that you keep as a collector’s item or you’re preserving a souvenir from your own sporting days, jersey framing lets you save a keepsake […]
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Fabric Framing: Why You Should Use it to Protect Your Textiles

fabric framing
A piece of fabric can be a work of art. Framed tapestries, quilts, silks and cross stitches are all elegant additions to rooms and beautiful to behold in themselves. The fabric you frame can be a family heirloom, a hand-woven work of textile art, a souvenir t-shirt or a stylish rug. Fabric framing is such a versatile and creative art […]
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How to Create the Perfect Photo Collage (And Collage Framing)

collage framing
If every picture tells a story, imagine how much a photo collage can say! In photography and art, a collage describes a collection of images arranged over a single background in order to create an impression. It’s easy to make photo collages online and display them on social media and photo-sharing sites. But you can also take physical photographs, reminders […]
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How to Open an Art Gallery (Plus tips on gallery art framing)

gallery art framing
Wherever you are in the world, from city to small town, there’s a high chance you’re close to an art gallery. Every place has its own creative community. Everywhere you go you’ll find artists, art collectors and art appreciators. Art galleries play a pivotal role in sharing the works of talented creatives with the public. While we can help with […]
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