How Beautiful Commercial Art Framing Raises Your Sales

commercial art framing

Commercial art is the intersection where cash and creativity meet. Yet the phrase has more than one definition. This blog is all about the different kinds of commercial art and how high-quality commercial art framing is good for them all.

“Commercial” is a broad term that means engaged in trading and / or business. In the art world it can describe art that’s created for commercial purposes, art used for advertising or marketing, or art sold for a profit. Sometimes the categories blur into one another, but one thing is certain: commercial art is all around us. Instead of being restricted solely to art galleries, advertising agencies and homes, commercial art regularly adorns the walls of public places like restaurants and medical clinics.
Like other works of art, a commercial artwork frequently looks better in a stylish frame. Commercial art framing protects a work of art, raises its value and helps it look its best wherever you decide to display it.

Mobile Frames 2 U offers mobile framing not just for gallery art framing, but for commercial art framing too. If you’re in Brisbane, Toowoomba or the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast regions, we can pay a visit to your home or workplace and take you through our wide range of framing options.

Here are the most common definitions of “commercial art”, and how the right frame benefits each:

Art for advertising, marketing and promotion

In one sense, “commercial art” broadly refers to any kind of art used to promote or sell products or services. This can include branding, packaging, posters, graphic design and any other medium that’s meant to grab a potential customer’s attention and result in a sale. Commercial artists often work for advertising and marketing agencies, design studios or publishing houses.
Framed commercial artworks such as vintage advertising posters can make for retro chic designs that spice up the interiors of modern agencies. For visitors to your agency, framed versions of some of your most successful campaigns, logos and designs can be displayed to showcase your brand credibility and professionalism. If you run a fashion boutique or studio, framed fabrics or textiles on the walls accomplish the same goal.

Art for selling

Whether you’re displaying your own art for sale or the work of other artists, one thing is for certain: it’s better to display it in a frame.

Framing protects your artwork. If a painting gets damaged, it’s going to negatively impact your sales before your exhibition or auction even gets underway. Framing gives your artwork a more professional appearance and protects it from dust and dirt, bends and creases.

Commercial art framing also raises the resale value of your artwork or photo and helps you command a higher price for it. Presenting your work already in a frame gives the buyer a more complete idea of what they’re getting and significantly enhances its presentation.

Mass-market art

Commercial art can also mean art that’s been mass-produced, as opposed to the one-of-a-kind art that you’ll find in gallery art framing. Mass-produced art gets a bad rap compared to fine art, which tends to be a lot more expensive, but it doesn’t have to. “Commercial” isn’t a dirty word, and a mass-produced work of art can still improve the look of a room, especially with the right frame around it.

There’s more than one kind of mass-manufactured art and you’ll find some examples that are more elegant and stylish than others. But with the right frame and setting, you can turn even a relatively mediocre piece of mass-market art into a strong focal point for your living space.

If you’re in retail, selling mass-market art in elegant frames helps get customer’s attention and provide them with a low-cost alternative to fine art, which for many people is prohibitively expensive.

And if you’re too busy to go running around the Brisbane region chasing up frames, we already have a solution in place for you.

Commercial art framing at Mobile Frames 2 U

Whether you’re selling your own art, selling someone else’s art, using art to sell products or just need the right frame for your favourite piece of commercial art, we can help.

Mobile Frames 2 U offers commercial art framing services throughout the South East Queensland region including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. We can show up directly at your home, office or gallery and take you through our full range of framing options. Drawing on our 25+ year of framing experience, including professional-quality gallery framing, we’ll help you make the perfect choice.

Once you’ve selected the right frame, we’ll prepare the finished product in our workshop and be back to drop it off on your doorstep. Our prices are reasonable too, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of the framing offsetting the money you’ll make from the sale.

For more information about our commercial art framing services, call us on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote.

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