8 Unique Picture Framing Approaches that Hook You on the Look

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Want an original approach to framing your pictures? Here are eight creative, inexpensive approaches to livening up your living space.

A good-looking picture frame never goes out of style. There are always benefits to elegant, professional-quality picture framing: sprucing up your living space, protecting your artwork, providing a focal point in the room and raising the resale value of your pictures, among others. Yet while a standard or modern / minimalist approach to picture framing is often enough, sometimes you may want to try a really fresh technique that gets your guests’ attention and makes your living area stand out.

Mobile Frames 2 U provides framing services in the South East Queensland region for homes, galleries and businesses. You don’t even need to step outside of your front door. If you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, we’ll come to your doorstep and present you with a range of innovative framing options.

Here are some original approaches to picture framing, from fairly common yet interesting approaches to outlandish ideas that still work like a charm.

Frame Your Pictures in a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a dependable, consistently effective approach that can be as traditional or as avant-garde as you like. Making one is an easy and creative endeavour: just arrange a selection of framed pictures on your wall in a pleasing fashion. While you can customise a gallery wall to suit your own sense of style and aesthetics, there are some basic principles if you want to count on it looking good. Pick a theme for your pictures and / or a cohesive colour palette for consistency. Start with a large piece to “anchor” the collection but don’t put it in the centre.

Once you have a solid foundation that looks good, you can get creative. Mix and match your verticals and horizontals, or spice up the space between your pictures with other elements like text.

Hang Your Pictures from a Tree Branch

Hanging a series of small picture frames from a wall-mounted tree branch brings a natural, quirky and rustic look into your home. Of course, you want to securely fix the frames to the wall underneath the branch and hang them at different heights.

Decorate Your Picture Frames Creatively

Picture framing doesn’t have to be plain and traditional. A picture frame can be a canvas for you to add chevrons, diagonal stripes or any other fresh decorative flourishes that give it that little something extra.

Use Scrabble Pieces inside Your Frames

Scrabble pieces provide a unique touch with a down-to-earth, homely look, evoking family game nights and pleasant feelings. Bordering your image with scrabble squares spelling out some words of warmth is a visually interesting and appealing way to fill the empty space within the frame.

Dominate a Room with One Frame

Sometimes one great picture is all you need to enhance the look of a room. A big, bold approach that’s ideal for spaces with high ceilings, having a large framed picture dominating a wall makes an impression no-one can ignore. It provides a natural focal point for the room and is the perfect choice for certain décor, such as dark-coloured antique furniture.

Showcase Your Framed Artworks on a Ledge

If you have limited space in your place, a ledge is the perfect solution – and can be cut to any length. Just install a shelf on the wall and rest the frames on it in whichever arrangement looks best rather than hanging them.

Get Creative with Corners

Brighten the corners in your house with this attention-grabbing, visually enticing approach. Framing your pictures on the inner and outer corners of walls so that they wrap around or bend with the shape gives a touch of magic and fantasy to an otherwise ordinary environment.

Mix and Match Shapes and Sizes

While sticking with a single shape for a gallery wall can have a dignified, traditional look, combining different shaped frames skilfully can really bring it to life. Combine larger frames with smaller ones and some circular shapes with square shapes, for example, and see what looks good.

Mobile Picture Framing with Mobile Frames 2 U

The friendly framers at Mobile Frames 2 U come straight to your door and take you through our vast range of framing options, regardless of the look you’re going for.

Mobile Frames 2 U operates in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions. We pay you a visit where you live or work, run you through our picture framing choices, prepare your personalised framing solution in our workshop and deliver it back to you. We can also offer our expert advice on which style of framing suits you best. We’ve been in this business for more than 25 years, so framing services is an area we know exceptionally well.

For more information about framing services in Brisbane with Mobile Frames 2 U, call 1300 157 720 or request a free quote.

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