How to Create the Perfect Photo Collage (And Collage Framing)

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If every picture tells a story, imagine how much a photo collage can say!

In photography and art, a collage describes a collection of images arranged over a single background in order to create an impression. It’s easy to make photo collages online and display them on social media and photo-sharing sites. But you can also take physical photographs, reminders of times and places in your life, and hang them on your wall in a frame that suits them. Collage framing is a way to brighten up your living space in a way that’s creative and attention-grabbing.

Collage picture frames are frames that provide space for more than one picture. They’re also called ‘multi opening photo frames’ because the matboard – the heavy paper material that sits between the picture and the frame – has openings for multiple pictures. Multi-opening frames allow you to get creative and have fun with your collage framing, combining images of different sizes. Like other kinds of frames, collage picture frames come in different styles and are made out of various materials.

Mobile Frames 2 U can custom-create a picture frame for your collage to suit your tastes. Serving the areas of Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, Mobile Frames 2 U visits you at home or office, presents you with a selection of framing options and delivers the finished product back to you.

Wondering how to bring balance and beauty to your collage framing choices? Here are some tips for choosing the right collage photos and artfully fitting them together:

Have a Story to Tell

If you’re thinking about assembling a photo collage, there’s a good chance you already have a memory or an event you want to preserve. It could be your wedding, your graduation or a holiday you’ll never forget. Settling on a theme and letting your photo collage tell your story creates a stronger impression than throwing unrelated photos together.

That’s not to say that every photo in your collage has to be from the same time and place in your life. You can also choose a theme that’s a little more conceptual, like something to showcase your love of travel, your favourite time of the year or your cherished beliefs. Whether your theme is literal or emotional, having a story to tell or an impression to convey is your first step towards a stunning photo collage.

Coordinate Colours

Choosing photos with similar colour schemes helps to make your photo collage look like a carefully curated artistic statement, rather than just an assortment of pictures. Examples include black and white photos for a nostalgic look or shots with lots of yellow and brown hues for an autumn-based collage.

That doesn’t mean all of your pictures have to look similar. The next point covers another way you can make collage framing more interesting and fun.

Use Contrast

You can create a visually striking impression by putting very different elements next to each other, such as a black and white photo beside a colourful one or a portrait beside a landscape. This can add tension to your collage and make it look livelier. It’s best to take a subtle approach, however, and avoid overdoing it. Too much contrast can lead to too many clashing colours and a distracting “busy” look.

Choose Images Without Too Much Negative Space

Negative space (also called ‘blank space’ or ‘dead space’) refers to the empty space surrounding the subject of the picture. If you have a photo of a person standing alone in the distance surrounded by a lot of empty landscape or sky, that’s negative space. Choosing too many photos with excess dead space can lead to feelings of disconnection in the viewer, and images that fail to flow into one another.

Use Text Sparingly

Text can be an excellent way to add context to your photo collage or even enhance its visual appeal. But when it comes to text, less is more – and simple is key. It’s best to limit your text to a small, simple, easy to read message and keep it all the same font. That way, your words can become a part of your collage without overpowering it.

man-holding-frame-with-a-vanBuild Your Photo Collage with Mobile Frames 2 U

With more than 25 years’ worth of experience, the Mobile Frames 2 U team can cater to all your framing needs. That includes your collage framing choices, which we can enhance with a custom-made collage photo frame.

If you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, we’ll bring your vision to life for you. You don’t even have to leave your house. We’ll come to your door, take you through your framing options, give you a quote on the spot, manufacture your frame in our workshop and bring it back to you when it’s done. With free pick-up and delivery, we’re a cost-effective option that residents of Greater Brisbane and Toowoomba can count on.

For more information about our collage framing services, call Mobile Frames 2 U on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote.

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