Why You Should Frame Your Blank Canvases

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For an artist, a blank canvas represents unlimited freedom and possibilities. When you mark one with your first brushstroke, it’s the start of a long journey to bring your vision to life. All great works of art begin with blank canvases, and a simple white canvas can provide many fulfilling nights in your workshop or studio. While unframed canvases can look chic and modern hanging in your home, office or gallery, there are benefits to framing canvases – including blank canvases – too. A framed blank canvas offers convenience, consistence and an instantly professional look.

Canvases aren’t hard to come by, but high-quality canvases that are pleasant to work on can be trickier to find. Luckily if you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, you don’t even need to leave your home to find the perfect frame. With the benefits of mobile framing, the right frame comes straight to your door.

Mobile Frames 2 U offers custom-cut blank canvases delivered to your doorstep and we can frame them for you as well. Want to know more? Here’s our brief guide to why you should choose a framed blank canvas as well as some tips for canvas framing.

Reasons to Choose a Framed Blank Canvas

Depending on how you prefer to work, there are several reasons to choose a framed blank canvas including:


Buying your canvas already framed saves you the hassle of having to frame and mount it yourself, leaving you more time for the actual artwork.

Professional quality

Choosing a professionally framed blank canvas means a standard of quality you can count on. It’s a standard that’s hard to match if you don’t have the same level of training and practice.

A guaranteed smooth surface

Professionally framed blank canvases are mounted and stretched with precision in order to ensure smooth, perfect surfaces free from bumps and lumps.

Ready to paint on

There’s no preparation required when you paint on a stretched blank canvas. All you have to do is find the right space to work in and embark on your creative piece.


A frame can protect your canvas from moisture, dust and other nasties that can damage it.

Interior design

If you know where your finished artwork will be displayed, choosing the canvas early helps you coordinate the piece with the décor in the room.

What to Consider when Choosing a Framed Blank Canvas

There are some factors to consider when choosing a framed blank canvas to make sure it aligns with your creative vision.

The shape and size

Whether you prefer a standard or custom-shaped framed canvas, it’s important to pick one that suits your creative vision. Consider whether the artwork you create will be a stand-alone piece or part of a gallery wall.

The depth of the frame

The depth of the frame affects the quality of the artwork. A thinner frame looks more contemporary while a deeper one gives the piece a more three-dimensional look. A canvas in a floating frame strikes the balance between a modern look and a timelessly stylish one.

The artistic medium

Are you planning to work with oils, acrylics, watercolours or another medium entirely? Different mediums may have different canvas requirements and also look better with certain frames.

The hanging orientation

Deciding whether you want to hang your artwork horizontally or vertically can affect your choice of frame as some look better in one position than the other.

The hanging environment

It helps to consider what kind of room you’ll be displaying your artwork in so you can choose the frame that looks best in it. And that’s something Mobile Frames 2 U is happy to help with.

Find your Framed Blank Canvas at Mobile Frames 2 U

As South East Queensland’s original mobile framing service, Mobile Frames 2 U is proud to offer premium blank canvases including framed canvases in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions.

Our canvases are crafted from high-quality 10 oz prime white cotton fabric, providing a solid foundation for you to express yourself on. The smooth, high-quality surface of these canvases allows your brushstrokes to effortlessly glide as you create the image you want. Our canvases are made to support a wide range of artistic techniques and styles from acrylics to watercolours, oils to mixed media.

If you need a specific-sized canvas for your project, we can help you with that too. Our skilled team can cut your canvas to the exact dimensions you need for your project. And our canvas framing service preserves the beauty of your canvas and keeps it safe from damage.

Mobile Frames 2 U can come straight to your door, run you through our framing options, prepare your framed canvas in our workshop and deliver the finished product back to you. For more information, call us on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote from us.

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