The Different Types of Framing Services We Offer

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There’s more than one way to frame a picture, and things besides pictures that look good in frames. From one-of-a-kind works of art to found objects to memorabilia and souvenirs, Mobile Frames 2 U’s framing services encompass unlimited variety and diversity. We understand wanting to preserve priceless artworks and artifacts in a way that complements their uniqueness. That’s why we offer personalised framing services throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

With mobile framing, you can achieve the look you want without even having to leave your home or office. No matter how elegant, how contemporary or how distinctive you want your frame to be, we’re happy to pay you a visit, help you decide on the frame you want, and deliver the finished result to your door.

There are more styles of framing, types of frames and objects to frame available than many people know. The benefits of framing an artwork or an artefact include protection from wear and tear (as well as stains and sunlight), additional resale value, a professional appearance (especially in your workplace) and an extra touch of personalisation. But there’s more to choosing the right frame than just colour, size and style. Here are the different mobile framing services that Mobile Frames 2 U offers.

Floating frames

A floating frame gives your artwork or souvenir a contemporary look that literally elevates it to new heights. Ideal for canvas paintings and prints, a floating frame gives the canvas the appearance of being suspended in the frame without coming into contact with the sides. If your picture doesn’t quite match the surrounding décor or don’t want the corners of your canvas getting bumped, a floating frame provides the perfect solution. It’s also useful if your canvas blends into the wall and you’d rather it “pop” instead.

Picture framing

Whether it’s a painting, a sketch or a snapshot of a moment in time, beautiful pictures deserve to be preserved. We can help you find a frame that suits not only the picture you have on display but the walls that surround it. Framed pictures provide a focal point to any room and give your house a classy touch. If you’d like to liven up an entire room with a suite of pictures, we can find matching frames to suit them all.

Jersey framing

Whether you have a football jersey signed by your favourite team or you used to kick goals on the field yourself, jersey framing makes it easy to preserve precious memories. Framing your sports jersey keeps it safe from the impacts of ageing, the fading effects of sunlight and anything else that may dim its glory. At Mobile Frames 2 U we recognise not only the nostalgic value of jerseys, but the delicacy with which they need handling too.

Memorabilia framing

There are so many different types of memorabilia you can frame: military gear, flags, movie and sports merchandise and practically any other items of sentimental value. Mobile Frames 2 U can provide framing solutions that are as unique as your cherished personal memorabilia. Cherished childhood mementos can become lifelong works of art to display in your own space.

Fabric framing

Whether you want to preserve a tapestry, a heirloom, a silk scarf or a quilt, our fabric framing services allow you to protect and treasure your textiles. Fabric framing displays an item that can be very practical – such as a quilt or a cocktail napkin – and demonstrates how it’s a beautiful work of art in its own way. Textiles are not only pretty, they’re easy to frame and make for simple yet effective works of art.

Canvas stretching

As well as framing services, Mobile Frames 2 U also offers canvas stretching. Whether you have a finished work of art you need to fit over a frame or you just want a stretched canvas that’s fit to create your masterwork on, we can help you.

Blank canvases

We also offer premium blank canvases for you to work with. Crafted using 10 oz prime white cotton fabric, these canvases offer the ideal blank space for you to fill with your creativity.

Mobile framing options with Mobile Frames 2 U

Whatever it is you want to protect and preserve, Mobile Frames 2 U will save you the hassle of having to drive around town trying to find the perfect frame. If you’re in Brisbane, Toowoomba or on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, we’ll pay you a visit, run you through our complete set of framing services and confirm your quote on the spot. We’ll then complete the job in our workshop and deliver it back to you when it’s finished.

A team with 25+ years of experience in framing solutions, we pride ourselves on providing personalised assistance and solutions designed to meet your needs. We offer a complete selection of framing options no matter what you’re after. And if you’re undecided, we can help you find the frame that fits you best.

To find out more about our framing options, contact Mobile Frames 2 U on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote.

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