Canvas stretching: a How-To Guide for Beginners

canvas stretching
Whether you have a finished artwork or a blank canvas to bring your vision to life on, canvas stretching protects your painting and displays it at its best. The structural supports guards your artwork from warping and makes it easy to fit into a variety of frame styles. And Mobile Frames 2 U certainly has a variety of frame styles, […]
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Who Does Canvas Framing in Brisbane?

Who Does Mobile Framing in Brisbane?
Who does canvas framing in Brisbane? That would be us. So you have a work of art that you love – maybe you bought it, maybe you created it, maybe it’s a gift. Now you want to preserve and display it. Whether you’re putting your painting up for display in a public space such as a gallery or you’ll just […]
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The Art Of Picture Framing

picture frames in different materials
Are you an art collector or artist looking to showcase your work? Then, picture framing is what you need to explore. It is more than just putting a frame around a picture – it’s an art form that includes a careful selection of materials, techniques, and designs to enhance and protect your artwork. In this article, we’ll introduce you to […]
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