How Jersey Framing Preserves Your Sports Souvenirs

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Why Jersey framing? The memory of an evening at the footy or cricket can last forever, and so can the jersey you take home with you. Whether you have a jersey signed by a top-performing team that you keep as a collector’s item or you’re preserving a souvenir from your own sporting days, jersey framing lets you save a keepsake of former triumphs for the rest of your life. You can turn your sports jersey into a work of art and hang it on the wall to show your love of the game.

South East’s Queensland’s original mobile framing service, Mobile Frames 2 U offers fast and effective jersey framing in Brisbane for dedicated sports fans, retired players and collectors. Whether your passion is AFL, NRL, cricket, soccer, netball, basketball or a different game entirely, if it involves jerseys, we can protect and preserve them forever.

Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home to get your jersey framed. Mobile framing means a professional can come to you.

Why leave your priceless autographed jersey exposed for holes and mildew to set in, or for it to get lost amongst clutter? With professional jersey framing services, you can keep it in impeccable condition to sell, display, preserve, cherish and showcase indefinitely.

Why you should frame your sports jersey

A sports jersey represents hard work, commitment, rigorous training, discipline and accomplishment. If you’re a former player who still has your jersey from your days on the field, or you’re a sports fan whose jersey is covered by the signatures of star players, here’s why you should use jersey framing services:

Preserving memories
A framed jersey is a time capsule, protecting your jersey from the ravages of ageing, natural wear and tear and the elements, and taking you back to a moment in time.


What better way to pay respect to the coach or player that inspired you than to preserve their jersey? Preserving a player’s jersey in this way demonstrates that you hold them and their accomplishments in high regard.

When a young aspiring player sees a jersey worn by one of the greats on the walls, it reminds them where they can be with the same hard work and motivation.

Retaining resale value
Signed sports jerseys can sell for a lot of money. If you decide to sell yours in the future, framing it will protect it from sunlight, scrunching, fading, ageing and other things that can reduce its resale value.

How Mobile Frames 2 U personalise jersey framing

Jersey framing doesn’t mean simply displaying your jersey in a frame behind glass. Mobile Frames 2 U gives you the chance to personalise your jersey so that it’s as uniquely memorable as your experiences of your favourite sport, on or off the field. Here are some of the ways in which Mobile Frames 2 U can help you turn your jersey into a work of art:

Pairing your jersey with other items
If you have multiple items of sports memorabilia like bats, balls, gloves, shoes etc., Mobile Frames 2 U can frame them alongside your jersey to capture the essence of the sport you love and a moment in time.

UV filtering conservation glass
Like other fabric items, jerseys fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. Our special UV filtering conservation glass keeps the sun’s rays from stealing your jersey’s colour and vibrancy, maintaining its new, unblemished appearance.

Customised photo and logo cutouts
The right team photo or logo can provide some extra context to your framed jersey, displaying a complete picture of a team at the heights of victory.

Custom framing options
Our personalised jersey framing options are made from solid wood frames made with longevity in mind in a range of colours, designs and styles.

Mobile jersey framing with Mobile Frames 2 U

Mobile Frames 2 U provides mobile jersey framing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience who handle your jerseys with care and expertise. We take into account the delicate nature of jerseys when we frame them, as well as what will look best.

We take every measure necessary to protect your jersey from damage: archival-grade materials, UV-resistant glass with low-reflection options, acid-free mat boards to stop deterioration and yellowing. Everything is premium quality and none of the materials we use will negatively affect the look of your jersey.

Best of all, we save you the traffic and the hassle of having to leave your home or office. If you’re in the South East Queensland area, we’ll come to you, run through our variety of jersey framing options and let you take your pick. We’ll prepare your framed jersey in our workshop, transforming it into a work of art worthy of being displayed on any wall. Our mounting techniques prevent sagging and stretching and keep the integrity of your jersey intact.

To find out more about our jersey framing services, contact Mobile Frames 2 U on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote.

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