Canvas stretching Q&A: What is canvas stretching and what are its benefits?

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Canvas stretching is an important step to take before framing a work of art and putting it on display. Whether you’re an artist seeking a smooth surface to paint on or a collector who wants a priceless piece to look its best, it’s a blessing to have a properly stretched, wrinkle-free canvas.

If you’re an art enthusiast, you may be asking “where do I find the right canvas stretching service near me?”
As South East Queensland’s original mobile framing service, Mobile Frames 2 U offers canvas stretching in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Using our personalised stretching services, we turn high-quality 10oz cotton prime white canvases into the perfect material for you to work with. We also take existing works out art and prepare them for display with dazzling frames.

If you aren’t familiar with canvas stretching, this blog should answer some commonly asked questions for you. Questions like “what is canvas stretching? Why is it important? And where do I find a canvas stretching service near me?”
With the right kind of canvas stretching, your artwork will be protected, preserved and presentable now and into the future.

What is canvas stretching?

Canvas stretching is pulling a piece of canvas tight over a stretcher bar so that it is ready for display. The finished product is tight with folded corners and galvanised staples on the back to hold it in place. Both existing artwork and blank canvases can be stretched.

What are the benefits of canvas stretching?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of canvas stretching:

* It presents the artwork at its best and guards it from warping and loss of tension.
* It prepares your artwork for framing, which protects it from dust, water and other elements.
* It adds structural support to the artwork, preventing it from warping over time.
* It gives you the opportunity to display the artwork in a variety of frame styles.
* It helps increase the value of the artwork, making it more appealing to collectors.

How will canvas stretching make my artwork look better?

Stretching enhances the overall look of your painting, providing it with a smooth texture and a nice finish. It also covers up the sides of the canvas, which are often starkly white apart from bits of paint that have flicked there during the creation process. Framing makes an artwork look elegant, presentable, neat and valuable.
Mobile Frames 2 U has floating frames designed specifically for canvases. These frames create the impression that the artwork is floating within the picture frame without touching it, showcasing the work in a powerful, attention-grabbing way.

Why do artists use stretched canvas?

Many artists still paint on unstretched canvas for reasons such as affordability. However, a stretched canvas offers a very easy and flexible surface to paint on. It reduces the likelihood of damage to your canvas. Working with stretched canvas also takes the hassle out of preparing your art for display because you don’t need to have the canvas stretched after your painting is finished.

Can I stretch a canvas myself?

Building a stretcher bar isn’t as easy as it looks. Stretcher bars are designed for canvases, with the bar tapering off in the middle so it doesn’t actually touch the canvas. Building a stretcher bar out of regular timber will causes creases in the artwork where the painting and timber have made contact.

Another important consideration is the time it takes to master the art of canvas stretching. Unless you’ve been practicing for a while, chances are high that the outcome won’t be what you were hoping for. It’s a better use of your time and money to Google “canvas stretching service near me” and let a professional take care of it.

canvas stretching service near me
canvas stretching service near me

How much is canvas stretching?

The cost of getting a canvas stretched will depend on a number of factors including the size of the canvas and the experience level of the professional stretching it. Mobiles Frames 2 U deliver canvas stretching that’s cost-effective and delivers value for money. Contact us for a free quote.

Where can I find a canvas stretching service near me?

If you live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or Toowoomba, Mobile Frames 2 U can make the search for “a canvas stretching service near me” a lot easier.

As one of South East Queensland’s premier providers of framing solutions, we come out to you, show you our options, complete the job for you at our warehouse and deliver it back to you.

Our 10oz prime white canvases provide the perfect surface for a range of artistic mediums and increase the vibrancy and beauty of your work. We select our materials for their long-term durability and quality in order to ensure your artwork lasts. Our skilled staff use professional techniques and attention to detail to guarantee your canvas remains free of wrinkles, sagging or other distortions.

Still wondering where can I get more help finding a canvas stretching service near me?

For more information on our unique canvas stretching services and frames, including floating frames, contact Mobile Frames 2 U via e-mail or call 1300 157 720.

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