Who Does Canvas Framing in Brisbane?

Who Does Mobile Framing in Brisbane?

Who does canvas framing in Brisbane? That would be us.

So you have a work of art that you love – maybe you bought it, maybe you created it, maybe it’s a gift. Now you want to preserve and display it. Whether you’re putting your painting up for display in a public space such as a gallery or you’ll just be sprucing up your own living space with it, the main question on your mind is likely to be ‘who does canvas framing in your area?’

Canvas framing is the stretching and mounting of your canvas onto a picture frame. It’s a service you can use both for finished works of art and blank canvases, and it has its share of benefits. It gives your artwork a more professional look and helps it last longer by keeping dirt and dust at bay. When you choose the right frame, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the artwork and becomes just as much a part of the presentation as the painting itself.

Before you get in the car to go searching for canvas framing in Brisbane, there’s another option. What if you could find the perfect high-quality frame for your picture without ever having to leave the house?

Mobile Frames 2 U can provide you with exactly the kind of framing services you’ve been looking for, delivered directly to your door. If you’ve been looking for canvas framing in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, Mobile Frames 2 U handles each stage of the canvas framing journey for you. Some of the main canvas-based services we provide include:

Canvas stretching services

Canvas stretching is the technique of pulling a canvas tightly over a frame (also known as stretcher or strainer bars) and then tacking the corners down. This process makes the image sharper, the colours more vibrant and the entire presentation smooth and professional. It helps put your canvas in a ready-to-display state and to optimise how it looks for presentation.
Canvas stretching is an easy and reversible procedure that preserves your artwork from the cracks, wrinkles and tears of time. You can also stretch blank canvases, providing a smooth-textured, stable surface to create new works of art on.

Canvas framing services

There is an enormous variety of wooden framing options out there, and you can take your pick from so many different looks and styles. Floating frames are a particularly popular option. Creating the optical effect of the artwork “floating” within the frame, the floating frame type is modern and minimal yet has an understated timelessness to it as well. You can also choose a standard frame, an elegant option that shows simple and traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Gallery frames elevate the sense of prestige attached to your artworks by making them look like they’re hanging on the walls of an art gallery – or should be.

Blank canvases

Is there anything more exciting for a visual artist than a blank canvas? Blank canvases represent the limitless possibilities of creativity and imagination. But it’s important to make sure they’re decent quality so you can give your next masterpiece the greatest chance of success. Who does canvas framing for blank canvases? If you’re in the South East Queensland region, Mobile Frames 2 U delivers them directly to your door.

We offer premium-quality 10 oz. prime white cotton fabric canvases that provide the perfect foundations for you to bring your creative vision to life.

Picture hanging services

Once you’ve found the right work of art and the perfect picture frame to go with it, there’s still the matter of where you’ll hang it in your space. You don’t want to damage the painting or the wall, and choosing the right spot to hang it is a challenge in itself. The skilled specialists at Mobile Frames 2 U will offer expert tips on placement and hanging and use their keen eyes for detail to transform the look of your space.

If you’ve been looking for a company who does canvas framing, canvas stretching, blank canvases and picture hanging in your area, Mobiles Frames 2 U can bring all of the above to your doorstep.

Canvas Framing with Mobile Frames 2 U

There’s no need to waste hours out and about hunting for the right business who does canvas framing in your area. Mobile Frames 2 U will save you the hassle by visiting you in your home, gallery or office to provide canvas framing in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba areas.

If you’ve been looking for a business who does canvas framing thoroughly and professionally, Mobile Frames 2 U is South East Queensland’s original mobile picture framing service. We’ll come to your home, show you a range of options and let you pick your preferred framing style, then complete the job in our workshop and deliver it back to you.

For more information about our canvas framing options, call Mobile Frames 2 U on 1300 157 720 or request a free quote from us.

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