What is a Floating Frame and How Can You Use it to Showcase Your Artwork ?

what is a floating frame?

Modern and versatile, floating frames bring a touch of art gallery-style sophistication to any room. In fact, they’re commonly used in art galleries to preserve the lifespans of both the artworks and frames. Perfect for small, cosy rooms, these ultra-chic frames protect your art and help to make it an alluring focal point in any environment.

So what is a floating frame? How do float frames work and how do they help your artwork stand out in your home?
At Mobile Frames 2 U, we offer all kinds of high-quality frames for your cherished artworks, and we bring the options directly to your door. This article should help answer any questions you have about floating frames, like what is a floating frame, what are its advantages and how do you maximise its appeal in your space?

What are Floating Frames?

The name “floating frames” comes from the fact that the pictures in these frames appear to float inside them. While traditional frames overlap the corners of the artwork, floating frames show the entire artwork by leaving a slim gap between the art and the frame. This effect is achieved by stretching the canvas over a wooden frame and using staples and tacks to secure it in place.

Floating frames generally don’t cover pictures with glass, which further improves the visibility of the artwork as it won’t be obscured by a smudge or some strong sunlight.

What are floating frames made from? While they can be constructed from a range of materials like standard frames, most are made of quality wood that won’t crack or warp with time. These frames can be stained with the colour and finish that you prefer.

Floating frames provide all kinds of artworks including photographs, paintings and drawings with the ability to really shine. They offer a subtly elegant, minimalist and polished look, and that’s not all they have to offer.

Benefits of Floating Frames

From the bathroom to the living room to the hallway, floating frames are an excellent way to make a fairly drab and lifeless wall look more interesting. What is a floating frame’s biggest benefit for your home? There are many, and here are some of the top ones:

They show off your art at its finest

Floating frames give visitors to your home the chance to admire the entire artwork without any heavy borders cutting off details at the edges. The gap between the art and the frame adds extra dimension and depth to the piece. Having art in your space reduces your stress levels and helps you feel calmer and more relaxed. The simple yet attention-grabbing design of floating frames helps make your art a natural focal point for people to admire.

They’re lightweight

Floating frames are very light, making them easy to hang on any wall or move to another room if you need a change.

They’re sophisticated

Floating frames present your artwork in a breezy, free-floating way that’s classy but not over the top. The laidback elegance of these frames gives them a look that suits both casual and formal settings.

They protect the artwork

The gap between the picture and the frame creates a barrier that prevents damage such as scratches from impacting the artwork’s surface. Floating frames help to keep your artwork clear of debris and dust and preserve it into the future.

Tips for Floating Frames

How well do float frames work when combined with other artworks and décor? While there are no rules, there are some principles you can apply for the best possible effect. Here are some tips for styling floating frames in your own home:
Choose a floating frame that matches your home décor

Having a frame with a similar look, style and colour to the rest of your interior decoration gives the room a cohesive look.
Think about the colour palette

Consider the dominant colour schemes of each room when choosing the artworks and the frames to hang in them. If in doubt, neutral frame colours like wood grain or plain black look good in almost any environment.
Consider the quality of the material

If you’re serious about protecting for artwork long into the future with floating frames, make sure your frames are built from quality would rather than cheap options which will fall apart over time.

Make a gallery wall

If you have multiple pieces of artwork to display, a gallery wall is an excellent way to show them off. For best results, stick with an odd number of works unless you’re designing a grid-style display and place the largest artwork in the middle as the centrepiece. You can use a mix of different kinds of photos to create depth, or use black and white photos which create a modern yet timeless look combined with the floating frames.

Floating Frames from Mobile Frames 2 U

Now you know what a floating frame is, the next most important consideration is where you can find a good one.
Mobile Frames 2 U provides floating frames and frames of many other styles throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. With 25+ years of experience, we have the knowledge to offer expert advice on your framing options.

What are our floating frame options? We’ll come straight to your doorstep to show you our full selection and then deliver the finished product back to you once it’s done.

For more information about what a floating frame is and how it can enhance the look of your home, contact Mobile Frames 2 U for a free quote.

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