Jersey Framing: The Ultimate Way to Preserve a Sports Jersey

Jersey Framing

Sporting jerseys are priceless reminders of unforgettable events in your life: your favourite match, your children’s first game, the winning goal you scored. Symbols of triumph and glory, they should be displayed where they can inspire you and others for years to come, not stuffed away in attics or drawers, getting musty. Whether you’re a former player, a collector or an enthusiastic fan of your team, jersey framing turns your keepsake into a work of art. A framed jersey represents an essential part of who you are: your team, your dream, your passion.

If you’re in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, Mobile Frames 2 U provides jersey framing services directly to your door. You don’t even have to step outside the house to find the perfect frame for your sporting souvenir. 

Jersey framing is just one of the many framing services we offer throughout the South East Queensland region. Read on to find out why you should frame your jersey and how Mobile Frames 2 U makes the process easier.

Types of jerseys you can frame

There’s more than one kind of sporting jersey and more than one way to display a jersey at its best. Both amateur and professional players of all ages wear jerseys. Collectors love to get their hands on game-issued and game-worn jerseys signed by star players. With the right frame, you can enhance any jersey and proudly put in on display: the jumper you wore when your favourite team won, your child’s first jersey, your favourite piece of team merchandise. With jersey framing, you can find yourself a frame to creatively match the style and colours of your team.  

Whether your passion is NRL, AFL, NBA, cricket, soccer, NFL, NHL, Netball or NLD, Mobile Frames 2 U lets you display your jersey proudly on the walls with the perfect frame.

Why you should frame your sports jerseys

Framing your sporting jerseys is good for you and for your jersey in several ways. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Protecting and preserving your memories

Jersey framing is the best way to guard your jersey from the elements and from age-related wear and tear. Encased behind glass, a framed jersey is well-protected from dirt, dust and harmful UV rays that fade the colours over time. 

Pride and aesthetics

A framed jersey is a testament to your love of the game and your respect for the players that have inspired you. As a focal point in your office or living space, a framed jersey makes a striking first impression and lets you celebrate your passion with pride. Why hide a beautiful, colourful jersey in some dark corner of your closet when you can share it? At the very least, it’s a unique and interesting way to liven up a room. 


Framed jerseys provide you with mementoes of former glory that last a lifetime. Even when your memories begin to fade, you can take a look at your framed jersey and let it transport you to a particularly meaningful place and time. 

Resale value

If you plan to sell your jersey in the future, the right frame will protect it from the things that might steal its resale value: scrunching, dust, wear and tear, the sun’s harsh rays. Keep your jersey looking pristine and immaculate and when it comes time to trade, you can fetch the price it deserves.

Jersey framing options with Mobile Frames 2 U

Your team is unique, your memories are unique, your frame should be unique as well! If you’re in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Toowoomba areas, Mobile Frames 2 U lets you personalise every element of your jersey frame. We provide solid wood frames, UV-filtered conservation glass to protect fading from sunlight and custom frames in different styles, colours and designs. We can also pair jerseys with other memorabilia items and provide customised photo and logo cutouts. 

Mobile Frames 2 U will come to your home or office and take you through our framing options, saving you a trip and helping you find the perfect frame. With more than 25 years of framing experience to draw from, we can offer our expert opinion on the kind of frame that best suits your jersey. Then our skilled framers will assemble the finished product in our workshop and deliver it back to your door. As well as our jersey framing, our extensive mobile framing services includes other kinds of personal items like band tour posters and military service medals. If it’s personally valuable to you, Mobile Frames 2 U can help you protect it from fading and discolouration, and cherish it for a lifetime. 

To get started on your jersey framing journey, contact the Mobile Frames 2 U team for a free quote

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