Unveiling the Advantages: Exploring the Many Benefits of Framing Pictures

Do you want to know if it’s worth investing in professional framing? Discover the numerous benefits of framing pictures and how it can elevate your artwork and cherished memories

The Many Benefits Of Framing Pictures


Photographs capture moments in time, each with a story behind them, and for many, they are one of the most treasured things they own. People come and go, times change, and life goes on, but photographs are forever and what better way to bring back memories or to make a house a home than with your photos beautifully displayed in picture frames? Here are some of the many benefits of dusting off your favourite snaps and putting them up around the home.

Make Your Home More Homely

Our homes are our safe place, and when you personalise them with meaningful things, you make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. Photographs tell your life story, and the frames you choose and how you display them show off your style. The great thing about picture frames is there are no rules, and you can have as many or as few as you like and arrange them however you choose.

Keeps Your Precious Memories Safe And Protected

Photographs that are physically printed can be susceptible to damage. Many things can affect the quality of your precious photos. Some include rips, water damage, moisture, fire, contaminant exposure, and UV rays. By displaying your photographs in quality framing, you can prevent many elements from ruining them. UV rays often fade photographs, even those in the frame. If the glass offers minimal UV protection, the ultraviolet light can pass through and irreversibly discolour the photos. When picking your picture framing, always choose ones that provide UV protection, even if they aren’t placed in bright direct light. This will ensure your beloved snaps retain their form and colour intensity over time.

Make Your Photos A Statement

Well-placed picture frames are a work of art unique to you and your loved ones. Good framing enhances your photos and makes them stand out. This not only improves the aesthetics of a room but creates a point of interest, and you’ll find that most people visiting will stop to look at your photographs. To make the most significant impact, it’s an excellent idea to pre-consider the frames you’ll use, their sizes, styles and colours. This way, you create a cohesive and well-thought-out look throughout your home.

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Breathe New Life Into Old Memories

Why stow your special memories away in the cupboard when you can have them on display for you and your guests to look at whenever you choose? Looking at memories through photographs can evoke nostalgia, which can have many benefits, including realising who you truly are, then and now, where you’ve come, and how much things have changed.

Add Value

If you have sporting memorabilia or a photograph of a famous person, having it professionally framed can add significant value. You can add many elements to the framing of the photograph, including a signature, jersey, sports ball or plaques. You are only limited by your imagination. If you speak with a professional framer, they can offer friendly advice on what to include to create the most significant impact and value, too, if that interests you. It’s important to know that if you plan on framing your valuable photographs or sporting items, you should always use a reputable professional. Using someone who uses cheap products or doing it yourself may ruin your items. Many more affordable framing products have acid backings, which can wear through materials. Not only that, but some may stretch or be damaged in the process.

Easy To Move And Relocate Your Photos

Moving entails packing and shifting stuff, and a lot of it and often things get lost or damaged in transit. Having your photos in frames protects them from damage while moving them. You can then reposition them damage-free when you have settled in.

Choosing A Framing Professional To Preserve Your Treasured Memories

While you can frame your pictures yourself, you will typically get a better quality finish when getting a professional framer to do it for you. They’ll protect your photographs from premature wear by using quality backing, glass, fixtures and frames.

Some store-bought picture frames have high acidity levels in them, often made from faux timber or plastic resin. While they may make your photographs look good, they aren’t going to offer much in terms of protection.

As you can see, there are many benefits to framing your pictures, and you can customise them exactly how you like to create something unique and personalised to you and your home. For the above reasons, consider quality when protecting your photographs. If you can, make copies of your photographs to have a backup if something unforeseen happens to your hard copies. It won’t be the original, but it’s better than having nothing.

If you are looking for a professional framing company to look after and frame your beloved memories, look no further than us here at Mobile Frames 2 U. We offer full service and come to you at a time that suits you to pick up your items. When they are finished, we’ll drop them back off to you! For more information, reach out to our friendly team today.

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