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Highly recommend Frames to you! I will use them again. The workmanship was impeccable. The service was literally perfect and prices highly competitive. I cannot fault them, and I’m hard to please. Thank you guys 😊

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Ami is patient, enthusiastic and an excellent listener for us creative types. Just the service you want when you’re making an important decision on the style of your home and on artwork that will hang on your wall for possibly a lifetime. When art is framed correctly it will always have a positive impact. Outstanding service. Thank you🙏🙏👍👍

Jacqueline, Brisbane

Floating Frames

Displaying artwork around your home is a great way to express your personality and add texture and warmth to a space. While you can position your canvas art pieces directly on the wall, floating frames can transform them into a sophisticated and high-end looking feature. If you have some beautiful art that you want to enhance, Mobile Frames 2U can help give them a new lease on life. The best part? We come directly to your door, collect your items, and once they are completed, we’ll drop them off to you!

What are floating frames?

Canvas floating frames are specifically designed to display canvases. Unlike traditional frames, floating frames don’t have a rebate so they can’t support the glass. They have a distinctive L-shaped frame that wraps around the canvas leaving a small gap between the artwork and the frame, and this is what gives them their signature floating appearance. Most floating frames are generally lightweight and thin in nature. From a front view, you’ll see around 1cm of framing surrounding the canvas and from the side, around 3-4 cm to cover the edges of the canvas. The purpose of a floating frame is to add to the appeal of the canvas with the artwork remaining the main focus.

What are floating frames made from?

The most common floating frame material is wood however, other popular ideas include metal. These can be either finished to give the frame a matte appearance or a glossy sheen. They can be customised if you have a particular colour in mind. Wood floating frames can be stained to suit your preference if you choose.

Benefits to canvas floating frames

  • There are several benefits to getting your canvases framed, here are some of them:
  • They prevent wear and rips to the edges of the canvas.
  • Floating frames don’t have glass, so you don’t have to worry about glare and the textures, colours, and materials can be appreciated in their full glory.
  • They can make your canvas artworks look contemporary and appealing.
  • Adds depth and dimension.

Disadvantages to canvas floating frames

Floating frames are restricted in their use as they are primarily designed to use on canvases so, if you don’t have canvases at your place or are unlikely to purchase one in the future, floating frames are not going to be something that you’ll likely need or want.

Prints that are not on canvas cannot be put into a floating frame, they are exclusively used for canvas projects. If you want a floating frame to display artwork or a beloved photograph, you’ll need to get it printed on canvas and then stretched to start the floating frame process.

Other uses for floating frames

Floating frames are most used for canvases however, they can be used for several other things, including:

  • To display tiles.
  • Woodworking block art.
  • Metal pressing art.
  • Acrylic glass.
  • Digital photographs that have been printed onto canvas.

If you have a canvas that you want to display in a floating frame, the first step is getting the canvas stretched if you haven’t already. This process involves stretching the canvas over a timber frame and securing it into position. Once this is done, a floating frame can be added. While canvas stretching alone is a great way to display your canvas art, adding a floating frame can take them to the next level.

Why you should choose floating frames over traditional framing methods

  1. Placing a canvas in a glass traditional frame can come with its downfalls. It can crinkle, and most frames come in set sizes, so you may have to trim down your artwork to fit. Floating frames are designed to accommodate your existing stretched canvas perfectly, allowing you to keep it in its original condition.
  2. Floating frames are all about the canvas, they are simple in design enabling the artwork to take centre stage as it should.
  3. Can add value to artwork and there are framing options to suit every aesthetic.

Deciding whether to get your canvases placed in a floating frame or not

There’s no denying that floating frames look classy, but some prefer a canvas stretched look more. Here are some ways you can decide whether floating frames is a good idea for your canvas stretched pieces:

  • You already have existing canvases that are in floating frames in your home. This is an effective way to create a cohesive and well thought out space.
  • You can choose a framing solution to suit the rest of your home. This is a great way to tie in your framed canvases with accents already in your interior colour palate.
  • You’d like additional protection for your canvas and are concerned that the edges will wear over time.
  • The art/picture blends in a little much with the wall colour and you’d like to accentuate it and help it to stand more.
  • You like the look of floating frames more than stretched canvas alone.
  • You want to maintain the texture and appearance of the work without impeding on it by placing glass over the top.
  • You want to achieve an expensive and professional look – this is doable by framing your canvas with a floating frame.

Our highly skilled and passionate team of professional framers here at Mobile Framing 2U can help with all your floating framing needs. Contact us today for more information or check out some of our work online.

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